I often get asked what my role is as someone’s health or life coach. Here are some ways I guide my clients:

🎯 We set goals and milestones and take a realistic approach to achieving those

🧠 We work on mindset and develop better problem solving techniques

🔨 We build structure into client lives to create lasting lifestyle changes

⭐️ We create connection between us, to others in community and to resources for long-term support and success

❓ WHY work with a coach ❓

Everyone can benefit from a coach. Even coaches need coaches. I have coaches for different areas of my life!  Or think of an all star athlete – they engage with their coach(es) regularly despite any natural talent, discipline and passion they already have. Why?

✔️ Coaches provide ACCOUNTABILITY. Sometimes we can let ourselves off the hook or believe our own excuses, but a coach is someone who will require presence and engagement. Having someone else to answer to helps with discipline and structure.

✔️ Coaches help define PURPOSE & spark CREATIVITY. It is easy to get bogged down with the to do list of life, and a coach can help to remind you why you started, and can add fun, humor and inspiration to your projects and processes.

✔️ Coaches instill POSITIVITY & help build CONFIDENCE. Achievement is as much mental and emotional as it is physical. A coach will assess your mindset and be able to help fill in the blanks, navigate roadblocks and find new ways to help you align your expectations with your results.

✔️ Coaches provide TOOLS & resources. They may be directly related to your end goal or they may be geared toward equipping you with education or personal development. Either way a coach will give you access to spaces that will help you to continue to learn, grow and succeed.

✔️ Coaches help with CLARITY. At times our goals can be conflicting with each other, and a coach can help to define next steps and big picture strategy for best results.

✔️ Coaches help map a PATHWAY to success. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by all of our options or don’t know where to start. Coaches bring an outside perspective and experience to help map out a pathway for success based on individual needs and goals.

If you are curious about hiring a coach and want to know more I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation session where we can explore working together, no strings attached!  Email me at coach@hellocoaching.info to book a consultation session.

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