In case of emergency, break glass.

Or in this case, open binder.

I want to share something that has alleviated stress in my life and helped me get organized: I created an emergency grab and go binder, and update it annually. What’s a grab and go file?  I am glad you asked.

It houses all of our critical documents, from financial to directives to health and everything in between. It includes copies of passports, licenses, credit cards and more. It is a single point of reference for all records that we or someone else would need to handle our affairs. So in case of fire or death we are covered.  Ok, not the most popular of topics BUT one that needs to be addressed.

The first time I compiled it all I am not gonna lie – it was a time suck. But now – NOW – it takes me no time to review, update and store for the next year (or for an emergency).

The point being, if there was a house fire, an emergency or a death , we or our executors could easily handle the critical matters easily and efficiently with one binder.

I told you – not a popular topic but a worthwhile one.

If you don’t know where to start, reach out to me -I offer templates for a DIY version or sessions to walk you through compiling the binder together!

And yes, I see the irony in this health & life coach planning for death. I want to normalize preparedness for these situations so our daily lives can be more stress free!

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