Debi Kinney is an Independent Certified Health Coach based in Las Vegas, NV who services clients from coast to coast.

Her experienced guidance provides support, accountability and structure to the clients she works with. Debi helps clients become the best version of themselves through nutrition management, education, and community. She uses a goals based approach that starts with identifying her clients’ starting point, determining what their goals are, and then makes a program recommendation based on their specific needs and desires.

Debi has been involved in the health and wellness field since the age of 13. After a successful 25 year career in hospitality, she decided to return to her roots in November 2020 and became a certified health coach in order to help other people achieve their goals and dreams. Personal development has always been important to Debi and through coaching she is able to find purpose while helping her clients reach their goals. As a wife, mom, and award winning business strategist Debi is passionate about creating a legacy and leading by example. She empowers clients with the tools to create healthy habits for life.

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