Debi became a certified fitness instructor at the age of 13 after being introduced to aerobics by a high school teacher. She continued her teaching career through her twenties, teaching classes everywhere from Linda Evans fitness centers, her college dorm, and 24 Hour Fitness, amongst other smaller private gyms. As Debi climbed the corporate hospitality ladder, she was unable to continue to commit to teaching fitness classes because they conflicted with her “day job” and so she retired from fitness instruction but continued her personal fitness journey. From high impact and step aerobics to boxing, kickboxing, pilates, yoga and hiking, Debi enjoys a variety of activities to keep her brain busy and her body toned. When the pandemic struck and gyms closed, Debi realized how much fitness was a part of her day and how much she enjoys helping others on their journey. The first step for her was taking her own fitness and transforming it outside of a gym setting, and soon she will be adding a recertification in fitness offerings to share with her clients!



Debi features a Workout Wednesday segment on her Instagram page – follow @debikinney for updates weekly and check out her highlights for past features.  As always, go at your own pace and if you are just incorporating physical activity into your regimen, always consult a doctor and/or professional personal trainer to assess capabilities and best practices for form and results.  Participation is optional and pending your own personal abilities. As always, if you do test out the routines – have fun!