I started Team Brain Health as a way for my son and I to get involved with my husband’s line of work as Chair of the Department of Brain Health at UNLV, as much of this time is spent on Alzheimer’s projects. I wanted my son to learn the value of philanthropy and the joy of giving back to a cause bigger than ourselves. In creating this team three years ago, we have found a community of friends who are looking for support, alliance and answers on their own journey with the disease, either personally or through family and friends.

In 2021, the mission became even more personal for us. We were blessed to have the Brunacci family join our team three years ago when we created Team Brain Health after meeting Tom Brunacci, who worked as a crossing guard at our son’s elementary school. Tom’s wife had been diagnosed and he was fighting the battle as a caretaker before our eyes. His wife, Barbara, went from fully functional when we first met her in 2019 to passing away in early summer 2021. Tom’s commitment to his wife, his family and this cause has been relentless and passionate. This is an incredible family and I want nothing more than to give them hope and support in such a challenging season of their life.

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