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Oh, Hello!

I’m Debi, founder of Hello Coaching. As a transformation specialist and accountability expert, I guide clients to their goals to become the best version of themselves in the areas of health & nutrition, fitness, business and lifestyle habits. If you have goals, but need some help with implementation and structure, then let’s work together so you can say HELLOOOOO to the best version of you!

Why Should You Hire A Coach?

80% of people who hire a coach report increased confidence and nearly 75% say they experience better performance.


Working with an experienced coach can help you identify what may be blocking you or limiting you, and will help you find the motivation and pathway to move forward.


Coaching provides accountability and helps clients prioritize, stay focused and achieve goals more efficiently and effectively.


Coaching provides support and feedback, and also challenges your current awareness and processes which will empower you to think more broadly and explore more options.

New Habits

Coaching helps you create new behaviors and habits, and facilitates reaching your goals with fewer distractions, detours, and delays.

Why Hire Hello Coaching?

Coaches have coaches.

I believe in the coaching process and have my own team of coaches who facilitate my growth & development in various areas of my life. This speaks to the power that I know comes with coaching!


🍥 Certified Health Coach (2020)
🍥 Certified Life Purpose Life Coach (2021)
🍥 Certified Personal Trainer (2022)
🍥 Certified Nutrition Coach (2022)
🍥 Certified Transformation Coach (2023)

Personal experience

I've been active in the health & wellness industry since I was 13 years old. I also navigated a corporate hospitality career for 25 years, being recognized with awards like the prestigious 40 Under 40 and Top 100 Women in Las Vegas. Blending my business expertise and passion for health and wellness was a natural progression and Hello Coaching is the product of my expertise and experience.

Proven results

With over 150 clients currently, I have successfully positioned myself as an impactful accountability coach and transformation expert.

the ultimate goal

My goal is to help you become the best version of yourself!

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what am I?

An accountability coach

How do I work with clients?

I guide my clients by helping them reverse-engineer their goals into actionable steps.

Why Do I do it?

To help people get unstuck and become the best version of themselves!

As a wife, mom, health enthusiast, and award winning business strategist I am passionate about creating a legacy and leading by example. I empower my clients to connect inspiration and intention with action. Through customized planning and implementation, you’ll get the tools you need to create successful habits for life.

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Coaching Services

At Hello Coaching, you’ll uncover the unique needs of your body and mind, paving the way for sustainable changes that last a lifetime. Success is not just about reaching a destination, it’s about embracing confident excellence and living a fulfilling and vibrant lifestyle. Get ready to say HELLOOOOOO to the best version of you.

Certified Health & Nutrition Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
Business Coaching
Certified Life Purpose Coach
Hello Coaching empowers people like you who are motivated and ready for change. Start building your healthier lifestyle today. The sooner you start, the sooner you experience results!
Debi Kinney
Founder of Hello Coaching
Let me help you say hellooooo to the best version of you.

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Hello Coaching will always protect your info. You will get one email a month when you sign up, and we’ll never sell you to anyone else.